I always love hearing of businesses opening in this district of Troy. There has been a resurgence of places here lately and I'm glad to see it continuing.

Nighthawk is coming to the Broadway area in Tory. So many amazing eateries have opened in the middle of Troy. Hopefully, this new burger place will be a massive success story.

Nighthawk, inhabiting the building that used to home Francesca's right across from the old Troy Record building on 5th and Broadway opened its doors this past Wednesday. It won't have a crazy extravagant menu but will instead focus on burgers and fries. I mean those are two really tasty foods.

What makes this place truly amazing is they bought a whole cow from a local farm, showing they are planning on serving very fresh dishes. For me, I love this.

They are also claiming they will have a menu that will always be changing which to me, is yet another plus.