So The Cars are back. I can’t believe it. Although that little bit called ‘The New Cars’ a few years back with Todd Rundgren wasn’t a horrific idea, it’s nice to hear Ric Ocasek back with his boys.

Growing up in southern NH and listening to Boston radio stations, The Cars were a part of my childhood and life. I know they got their fair share of play out here too, but I think they got a little more love in their hometown. Do I love The Cars? No. But are they cool? Oh yeah! First, Elliot Easton is a great guitarist who certainly doesn’t get nearly any of the recognition he deserves. But hey, I think what was most recognizable about them was Ric Ocasek’s voice. I guess you’d have to mention his creepy looks and lankiness as well. He was always just a strange looking dude wasn't he? But amazingly enough he ended up marrying a model. I don’t think the term Super Model was around yet, but for his looks… She was super!

Anyway, The Cars are back and set to release a new CD Move Like This is due out May 10th. Here’s the first single ‘Sad Song’. In my opinion it’s neither the best, nor the worst Cars song I’ve ever heard. But either way, it’s nice to hear the unmistakable voice of Ocasek back with The Cars.