Not only is the Capital Regions craft beverage scene expanding but so are the local business in Schenectady.

Popularity Of Craft Beers Continues To Grow
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Now I'm, not sure if this boom in new bushiness in the Schenectady area has anything to do with the fact that the all new Rivers Resort and Casino is set to open up in the very near future with high hopes of bringing people from all across the state and the North East to the Electric City or if the city is just evolving but I'll take it anyway we get it!

Last week we told you how one of Troy's favorite establishments would be opening a new location in Schenectady and now we are learning of a new business aiming to open it's doors. Great Flats Brewing is currently under construction and preparing to open it's doors as early as next month at 151 Lafayette St. in Schenectady

The goal for Great Flats, at least in the beginning, is to be able to have six Great Flats beers on tap at any given point in time as well as a couple of "New York Brewed" guest taps. With an emphasis on American beers rather than English or German styles but for sure with a killer IPA on the regular.

I don't know about you but I'm all for more local craft brew options in the Capital Region. If you want to learn more about what Great Flats has planned you can check out this article from the Daily Gazette.