Wheeling and dealing, Steve Cohen and Company got their man. Well, a man, but an important one at that.

That man is Rich Hill, a 41-year old left-handed pitcher, whom the Mets acquired from the Tampa Bay Rays earlier today. In return the Mets sent relief pitcher Tommy Hunter, as well as minor league catching prospect Matt Dyer. For the Rays, they get a bit of salary cap relief, and an intriguing part of their future. For the Mets, however, they get a huge addition to their Major League roster, which has been in dire need of a boost in the starting rotation.

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Quite honestly, Hill has aged like a fine wine in his career. Despite being the oldest player in the MLB this season, Hill has shined in his 19 starts, sporting a 6-4 record, with an ERA of 3.87. Amazingly enough, that is Hill's highest ERA since 2014, which speaks to his consistency and his ability to pitch at a high level. With injuries to *checks notes*  basically everyone on the New York Mets' rotation, Hill provides an immediate relief to their taxed pitching staff.

On the other side, the Mets didn't need to part with a great deal in order to get this deal done. Dyer is 23 years old, and is currently hitting .194 in 36 games as a member of the Mets' Single-A team. Hunter, meanwhile, was solid in his limited time on the roster this season. In four games, one of which was a start, he did not give up a run, throwing in eight innings total.

This is a win for the Mets, and will lead him to more wins down the road.

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