Your arteries clogged a little just by reading the headline. If you are headed to the New York State fair, then get ready to stuff your face with a new treat.

Great news for people who enjoy super greasy, super fatty fair food - most of us fit that category. Get yourself to Syracuse for the New York State Fair and the Big Kahuna Dog. What exactly is the big kahuna? Sit back, and get a napkin.

It's one of the latest fair treats. You have a bacon wrapped hot dog (not to uncommon) and then a glazed doughnut for a bun. The combination of salty and sweet is sure to please foodies everywhere.

Before people start preaching health, just realize it's fair food. If you're looking for something healthy, the fair probably isn't your best bet. If you are looking to gain a few pounds and then puke it up by riding the Scrambler, then go right ahead.

[Via WRGB]