Recently, a video of new, local heartthrob artist Frank Palangi's song "Love" was posted on the website, and received lots of positive attention. The acoustic and rock artist hails from Queensbury and does all of the writing and creating on his own. His self-titled debut EP was released on August 31, and by the sounds of it, he's headed on the path to musical success.

The extended play was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Rogers Masson, and includes five of Palangi's newest and best songs, and is a promising example of what his first full-length studio album should sound like. He reminds me of a modern-day Jerry Lee Lewis (if he mated with current rising band pop Evil), with his deep and strong voice and catchy, sometimes dark sounds. Songs "Love" and "Remembrance" are a bit slower, while "I'm Waiting," "Driving These Lines" and "It's All Right" are faster and more rhythmical. Each song's instrumentals are solid and complimentary, but don't overwhelm the lyrics and voice.

Palangi has performed at a number of local spots, and his next show will take place at O'Tooles restaurant in Albany on Friday, November 25. You can preview Palangi's music via his MySpace page.

I give this EP three guitars!