The social media site censored some controversial pictures posted by the Motley Crue bassist and he is voicing his opinion.

Nikki Sixx has a brand new book coming out this April called This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx. The book is a look at the world as Nikki sees it, whcih can only mean it has some crazy stuff in it.  Some of the pictures he has taken involve nude girls, no real surprise there.  So when Nikki decided to post one of those photos, containing a nude girl, on facebook the social media site removed it from the rockers fan page.  Nikki is not very happy about this move.

Oh, you can't put art on Facebook? So then I posted another photo that I shot of a guy who's transgendered. So he had breasts, but he's still a guy.

That photo was also quickly deleted by facebook.  Perhaps Nikki didn't read the rules of posting photos on facebook because it says flat out that you can't post nude or disturbing images. So what did he do next?  Uploaded another image of a girl with a half burned off face which was quickly deleted and they served Nikki a Final Notice telling him he was no longer allowed to upload photos.

I looked around Facebook and I see half-naked teenagers, and stuff way worse than my stuff, so I posted what they said to me about the 'Rules and Regulations' and immediately 250,000 people changed their profile picture to that photo. So everyone's going, 'Why don't you change yours?' and I was worried they were going to delete my account, but finally I just posted it.

Surprisingly though, facebook did not delete Nikki's account, but instead deleted all the other accounts that used the picture as their profile picture.  More proof that you can't screw with Mark Zuckerberg.  Included in the mass deletions, Sixx AM lead singer James Micheal who had the photo as his profile pic.

If you want to take a look at facebooks rules and standards you can here.  It's pretty self explanatory and it just seems like Nikki is acting like a spoiled little rock star.