New York is easily one of the most loved/most hated states in the country. That is at least my assumption. Here are things we hate and so we must avoid them.

  1. Putting Winter Clothes Away Early: I mean, I actually just don't put them away.
  2. Hitting Up A Grocery Store Before A Storm: Just instead try your best to keep your pantry stocked.
  3. Potholes: This time of year they are the absolute worst. Oakwood Avenue in Troy is god-awful right now.
  4. Out of State Pizza: Everyone has their own opinion on pizza, I am of the belief New York pizza is the best.
  5. Times Square: Easiest way to avoid this? Don't go to Manhattan.
  6. Rockerfeller Center During The Holidays: Again, don't go to Manhattan.
  7. Red Sox Fans: Things are just going to escalate quickly. Vice-versa, if you are a Red Sox fan avoid Yankees fans.
  8. Going To The Car Wash On A Warm Winter Day: I mean if you like to spend an hour waiting to go through the car wash, by all means.
  9. Trying to Figure Out Where Upstate New York Begins: Everyone has a different opinion. I myself would say Albany is pretty much the line where it begins.