The two have been found ALIVE however rescue attempts are still underway...

A young Niskayna couple who went hiking in the Adirondacks over the weekend, and have been missing since Sunday, have been found ALIVE. According to the TU the couple:

Left the Adirondak Loj Trailhead on Sunday morning to hike to the summit of Algonquin Mountain in the High Peaks Wilderness in Essex County

By the afternoon their family had lost communication with them. After spending two nights in absolute frigid conditions where with the windchill made it feel like it was zero degrees outside the two have been found alive! However their condition has not been provided as of yet seeing as rescue attempts are till underway. The Department of Environmental Control is trying to send a helicopter to rescue the two but apparently because of the remote location it may take snowmobiles to get them out.

In a Facebook post (that we did not have access to) the mother of one of the missing posted:

They are seriously hypothermic but the ranger was able to have some sort of verbal exchange with them. Keep praying because the hypothermia is life-threatening.

Ma nature does not mess around! We are glad to hear that the two have been found and are keeping our fingers crossed for them to get off the mountain and for a speedy recovery.