My family loves the store Five Below. Every time we stop in we leave with treasures that we couldn't believe we scored for under $5. Well, unfortunately, those days might be coming to an end....kinda. No, Five Below isn't closing their 850 stores in 33 states. They are just adjusting the price point on some items for the first time in 17 years.

According to a press release from Five Below and an article on, the discount store is raising their prices on some items to above $5.

"We've always done everything possible to absorb cost increases," the company said in a statement. "Recently, we had to raise prices above $5 on tech items to keep providing the products you love."

For the toys and games priced up to $10, the company will keep them in a separate area of the store, called "Ten Below Gift Shop." For electronics, Five Below is adding a section called "Ten Below Tech." -Five Below

So, most of the items will still be $1-$5 with some up to $10. Still seems like a pretty good deal. Oh, and the name Five Below? Yeah they are keeping that too.