Don't worry, if you thought the NYC hipsters were going to stick us with the fanny pack you would be incorrect. That honor goes to the great state of New Jersey.

Businessman Shopping Online With Digital Tablet

Online shopping has become a super convenient tool for all us "busy" types who don't have time or are just to lazy to actually go to the store. Although it seems like it can be a more private way to shop you forget that there are websites and companies and quite possibly the government tracking your every key stroke and click.

Well recently the good folks over at Estately put all that technology and information to use to uncover:

What items each state shopped online for with more frequency than all other states during the past 12 months.

Naturally my first instinct was to look at what our neighbors were searching for first because I was sure their searches had to be more embarrassing than ours...

PENNSYLVANIA:  Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa / trigger lock / head massager / soap on a rope / mesh shirt / pinky rings / camo stethoscope

NEW JERSEY:  Amazon Echo / Starter jacket / Gucci fanny pack / Prada perfume

CONNECTICUT:  insect trap / Ivanka Trump jewelry / pet rock / Pilates Pro Chair

MASSACHUSETTS: Potty Putter / Samurai Umbrella / velour tracksuit

VERMONT:  Selfie stick / Battleship / Slim Jim / Quran  / Magic 8-Ball

As it turns out New Yorker's search for some interesting stuff and a lot of it. So without any further ado the most searched items for online purchase in New York State (according to Estately) are:

NEW YORK:  fur clothing / Wearable Towel / Showtime Rotisserie / coyote urine / Payless boots that look like Uggs / tracksuit / women’s tracksuits / plaid golf pants / snakeskin shoes / platform sneakers / hemp necklace / hemp bracelet / men’s capri pants / Prada heels / mini wine bottles bulk

Be honest, are you stocked up on your coyote urine and mini wine bottles in bulk?!?! Ha ha if you want to check out what people are searching for across the rest of the states you cn click HERE.

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