As NBC finalizes the short list of pilots it will pick up for next season, rumors of other shows in development are beginning to surface. Sources are now confirming that there is an ‘Office’ spinoff based on Dwight Schrute’s life on the family farm in the works for 2013.

Fans of NBC’s ‘The Office’ know very well that Dwight lives on and operates the Schrute family beet farm and bed and breakfast. They also know he has a rather strange family (Mose!) and he’s not much of a host when it comes to the B&B. Producers of the show and Rainn Wilson believe the B&B awkwardness and Schrute family strangeness will make a good show.

Wilson and other show execs have been joking about the possibility of this kind of spin-off for years, and now it seems it will be introduced in an episode of ‘The Office’ later this season. In fact, writers are already greasing the wheels by showing Schrute’s disappointment at having not been chosen to run the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, with the job going to Andy (Ed Helms), a known rival, instead.

Sources say that Wilson will not completely leave the veteran show if ‘The Office’ is picked up for a ninth season. He will likely return in the fall before switching to the new series, which would begin mid-season.

This isn’t just good news for Wilson and his partners from ‘The Office.’ Based on recent revelations about his similarity in looks to Dwight Schrute, this is great news for Newt Gingrich. If he loses the election maybe he can be written into the show and work on the family farm. They may even let him start the first Schrute family farm and B&B on the moon. Of course, that’s assuming that the Dwight spin-off doesn’t end up being another ‘Joey.’

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