A journey through great New York beer brings us two hours north of the Albany area to Lake Placid, and a very unique beer named for mans best friend.

If you are looking for some big taste from a small town in Upstate, NY, then look no further than the famous Ubu Ale from the Lake Placid Brewery.  If you are a fan of dark English beers than this is the beer for you.  It's rich flavor is rounded out by a lightness that allows you to sip this delicious brew without getting filled up to fast.

A darker beer such as this is the perfect match for a fresh steak right off the grill, or anything off the grill for that matter.  According to the Ubu Ale fact it can also be used a marinade to get your meat up a few notches.  So where did it get it's name?

The beer is named for a legendary chocolate lab that use to be a big part of Lake Placid.  The Winter Olympics isn't the only thing this town is known for.  It's also known for producing some pretty unique beers, that you can pick up at your local beverage center, or grab a pint at the Lake Placid Pub, where they brew this marvelous concoction.