Apparently the Prince of Darkness hasn't been keeping track of his expenses because he owes near $2 million in back taxes.


The Osbourne's are in a little bit of trouble right now because they may have missed paying their taxes in 2008 and 2009.  The New York Daily News reported the story first stating that Ozzy and Sharon owe close to $2 million.

A bill of of almost $8 thousand for 2008 and $1.3 million for 2009, that is a whole lot of money to most, but I think the Osbourne's will be able to handle it.  Sharon said that the person that handles their finances must have over looked the situation and Ozzy tweeted that there is no excuse "you have to take care of your own business affairs."  Hard lesson learned for Ozzy and company but it looks like they will be cutting the tax man a check and getting things back to normal.