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Mandatory Replacement of License Plates Dropped
Even more changes are happening to Governor Cuomo's proposal for the mandatory replacement of license plates.
It's been all over media recently that Governor Cuomo proposed the mandatory replacement of license plates that are over ten years old...
Make $1300 Just For Watching 13 Horror Movies
It's that time of year to start watching horror movies (though to me it's always that time of year), so why not make some serious cash while doing it.
By serious cash, I mean you can make $1300 just by watching 13 horror movies by Halloween...
Will Cuomo’s E-Cigarette Executive Action Ban Go Up in Smoke
In case you haven't heard, Governor Cuomo once again made headlines all over the place this week with an Executive Action banning the sales of most flavored e-cigarettes.
Frankly, this has been all I've heard about this week and I've seen really really strong reactions- both in support…
Albany Empresses Dance Team Hosting Open Auditions
Here's your chance to dance! (Oh, and support a championship winning arena football team).
The Albany Empire championship-winning arena football team are hosting an open call tryout for their official dance team, the Albany 'Empresses'...

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