Fit model Natasha Wagner currently has the internet going bananas.

Six years ago, Wagner made headlines for having the "best bottom in the country" after this Vogue article detailed why her backside was literally "shaping a nation."

At a time where it seemed like Kim K, Beyoncé, and Iggy Azalea possessed some of the most sought-after curves in pop culture, it was Wagner who attracted designers from the world's most popular denim brands. GAP, Levi's, and 7 For All Mankind were just a few of the brands that used the fit model's "perfect butt" to attract their customers to a product that felt like the "perfect fit."

Wagner's backside is going viral again at the moment due to a comedian who brought her derrière back to the forefront of discussion—but before we get into that, I think it's fair that we clarify a few things.

First of all, I'm going to assume that men don't even get to participate in this conversation and that we should assume that Natasha has beaten out the entire male gender by default.

Also, it should be noted that while Wagner's booty was described as "perfect" by the industry back in 2016, a better word to use would be "average." To designers who are looking for a model who isn't too big, but also not too small, Wagner's shape is "perfectly average."

She's actually been described as having "the Goldilocks of behinds."

Fit models are probably the most important people that you’ve never heard of in the world of the denim industry. They’re not like runway models. What they’re looking for in a fit model is the perfect average. Basically what they want is somebody who’s slim, but has a curved bottom.

You can deep dive into the 2016 Vogue article here to learn more about denim, but right now let's talk about why she's trending today.

Comedian KevOnStage managed to find a clip of Wagner from an Inside Edition story where he added in voiceovers giving his humorous observation of "the most perfect butt in America."

Comments have been rolling in on social media from people who are floored that Wagner was given the title for best booty in the business.

Even Wagner herself has referred to her bottom as "perfectly imperfect" but I'm willing to bet she never thought an old report would resurface to go viral as thousands of people are either roasting or praising her backside.


Kev had a pretty comedic opinion on her "perfect butt" but do you agree with his assessment, or does your idea of a "perfect" bottom look a bit different?[0]=AZUrfQG4OR3qM1dMNLIYNEIEd8KDAcQSS9V6hC7VSHHi5fwvfy6YAX5NtZX5j_MRMKt_SaYQEXVsFgLEZk7nwwL_6DPLYw3ksfmEtJ1gLHtOiMILOD5gE9GQKWXksCNUzWyXBrnF4IOkHEgYayZ-LinLUZux-qA-nU-lkBrY_Bro-Q&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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