In Wichita, Kansas the owner of a car dealership, decided that the best way to sell cars, is to dance, instead of saying "HUGE!"

For the record, I Dan America, have never "Whipped" and I have never felt the need to "Nae Nae."


Instead, I danced with a fine young woman named Sandy, and it was not to sell cars, it was because she was, the one that I wanted.

Sandy and I broke up shortly after.

The point of this blog is: you don't have to make a fool of yourself to sell a vehicle, honesty is what sells vehicles, not dancing, and this man is honestly, making a fool of himself so that you will buy a vehicle from him.

Can we trust him after knowing this?

What if you buy a car from the funny dancing man, and your Dad keeps finding a leak coming from your car every time you park it in his driveway?

Then you have to spend 2 months going back and forth, from Latham to Clifton Park, once a week, before they finally take the time to figure out where the leak is coming from!

All because the owner can "Whip" and "Nae Nae!"




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