FREE pizza and all you have to do is sign up, it's the teams that have to put in all the work.

When it comes to the Super Bowl is seems like everyone and every company especially is trying to get in on a piece of the action in anyway possible.

Well, Pizza Hut is doing just that by offering up FREE pizzas if you sign up for their loyalty program and ... one of the competing teams manage to break a specific Super Bowl record.

According to NEWS 10 the pizza chain announced that it will give its Hut Rewards members a free medium two-topping pizza starting Feb. 9 if the record for the fastest touchdown at a Big Game is broken.

As of right now the record stands at 14 seconds. A record that was set by the Chicago Bears in 2007 when wide receiver Devin Hesterafter returned the opening kickoff 92 yards in 14 seconds.

So if you sign up for their rewards program in advance and at the start of this weekends Big Game the returning team can score a touchdown in less than 14 seconds you could score yourself a FREE  medium two-topping pizza.

While such a feat is highly unlikely who doesn't like FREE PIZZA? Might as well sign up ahead of time, you know, just in case.