Leigh Kakaty does not want to get stuck in the game of Jumanji, and if he did, he'd be most afraid of being attacked by monkeys.

This is something we would probably never know about the Pop Evil singer if not for the band's worst interview ever recently.

Kakaty and new drummer Hayley Cramer caught up with Q103's Nick Kessler for an interview before their show with Red Sun Rising and 3 Doors Down at Albany's Palace Theatre. They had no idea what kind of interview they were in for though, that is until Kessler started sliding down the stairs and applying deodorant mid-sentence.

Worst Pop 3

Kessler fumbled around with the band's new album, Up, before Cramer helped him out and picked it up off the floor. He also asked whether they prefer saying "soda" or "pop" and asked, "How much pop and how much evil is there?"

Check out the video to see what Kakaty and Cramer had to say.


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