Well, you may ask yourself, how is it that popular if it is being sold? Good question, here is your answer.

Although Pinhead Susan's has been open for 18 years, it is being sold. With the popularity and the look of the building, I doubt it will stay on the market for long. One thing I hope is that new owners DO NOT change the name. This is such an amazing bar name.

So down to the meat and potatoes of the discussion, why is Pinhead Susan's being sold? Well, retirement. Or as the Daily Gazette says "semi-retirement".

Now, maybe you are thinking, I'd love to own Pinhead Susan's and all of its luster. You can! It is being sold for $450,000. I look at that as a pretty decent price. You get it all by the way for that price. The current owner said the business will stay in operation until a viable buyer is found.

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