The ribbon-cutting ceremony by Saratoga Pride, the organizers of the Pride Crosswalk, had just happened and already there was a controversy about the colorful rainbow to honor and celebrate Pride Month.

The ribbon-cutting was yesterday, Thursday, June 3rd, but the crosswalk in Saratoga was painted a few weeks ago. Saratoga Pride worked with the city of Saratoga on the project and paid for the materials used to create the rainbow crosswalk. The city agreed to maintain the crosswalk just like any other crosswalk in Saratoga.

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The controversy about the Pride crosswalk isn't from citizens that don't like what it represents, but it's from the Department of Transportation that claims that the crosswalk isn't compliant with federal and state standards.

According to New 13, the letter from the DOT read, "Please have the non-conforming colors removed from the crosswalk to bring it back into conformance with the [Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices].”

The controversy has put Saratoga Mayor Meg Kelly and Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton at odds with each other. Dalton says that the crosswalk is compliant with state regulations and there are other examples of colorful crosswalks around the state. Mayor Kelly seems to believe that the crosswalk needs to be changed back, but added that she supports the pride movement.

To me, it seems much is being made about nothing. I've lived all over the country and I've seen crosswalks painted all kinds of crazy colors for NFL teams, Pride Celebrations, St. Patrick's Day, and even Christmas.

As the father of two in the LBGTQ+ community, I'm proud that Saratoga worked with Saratoga Pride to make such a beautiful and colorful symbol in honor of Pride Month.

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