Friday night, December 7th, get ready to see two of the greatest films from our youth hit the big screen once again when Proctors brings us The Goonies and Gremlins back to back.

Not a day went by in the '80's when I didn't do a Truffle Shuffle and contemplate about feeding my dog after midnight all thanks to two of the biggest block busters from our childhood - The Goonies and Gremlins.  Next Friday, Proctors brings us both features back to back on the big screen.

1985's The Goonies, a story by Seven Spielberg, follows would be mega-stars Sean Astin and and Josh Brolin on a treasure hunt.  Their town about to be turned into a golf course, Astin and Brolin team as the Walsh brothers whom round up a group of buddies dubbed The Goonies to search for the lost treasure of a Pirate, One-Eyed Willie, in hopes that the treasure will save the town.  However, The Goonies must beat the evil Fratelli clan to the gold.


Spielberg also had a hand in bringing us 1984's Gremlins.  Randall Peltzer is in search of the perfect Christmas gift for his son, Billy.  Peltzer stumbles upon a Mogwai, a small and furry animal that comes with special care instructions. You can't expose Mogwai to sunlight or it can die.  Water will force the Mogwai to multiply and if you feed a Mogwai after midnight - it'll turn into an evil Gremlin. Naming his Mogwai Gizmo, Billy's Mogwai goes through a few accidents and we find these Gremlins take over the small town of Kingston Falls.

Tickets for the double feature can be purchased on the Proctors site for $9.00 or $6.00 if you're a student. This is an It Came From Schenectady event. SIGN ME UP!  The Goonies is probably one of my all-time favorite movies.  Here, you can see me passing along the knowledge to my nephew.



So, what is your favorite quote from either movie?



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