With the Royal Wedding coming up this week what better place could there be for a Joe stunt but merry old England?


It's going to be a big week in London, England because Prince William is finally getting married.  It will be the biggest royal wedding since the wedding between Charles and Diana.  To make the occasion even more special, the Free Beer and Hot Wings show is sending two unexpected guests.  producer Joe and Producer Steve are set to invade to UK in full force!

They leave today on their monumental journey to the land we fought so hard to get free from and cause nothing but hell.  Now security is expected to be at it's highest level so I don't think that Producer Joe is going to be getting very close to Buckingham Palace.  Just in case they are able, Producer Steve has loaded up his bags with all the necessary equipment.


I'm sure he won't be a magnet for security or anything with all of this electrical equipment.  4 flip cams, a lap top,usb cables,flash drives.  He could pass as some sort of terrorist spy. I hope all turns out well and we don't have to hear about Joe and Steve needing to bailed out of some English jail.  I guess to possibility is going to be there.

This trip is a far journey from Joe heading to California this past summer.  he is headed across the sea.  if he does land in any kind of trouble, I think we all know that Dog the Bounty Hunter will come to his rescue just like Nicholas Cage.  I mean Joe is just as good an actor.  For more on Producer Joe's British Invasion you can click here plus see the trailer made by Producer Steve.

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