"The Medium Next Door" Maureen Hancock will be at The Egg in Albany Friday, May 15, but does the internationally-known Spirit Medium know of the Capital Region's haunted history? 


This is the first part of "Psychic In Suburbia," a documentary about Maureen Hancock.

At "Postcards from Heaven" to Albany, Maureen will bring messages from lost loved ones to those in attendance.

I am Dan America, former member of "The C- Ghost Hunters." I have been to all the haunted sites in the Capital Region and I cannot help but wonder what a internationally-known Spirit Medium thinks of the Capital Region's infamy.

Forest Park Cemetery

Our local gate to hell, where statues bleed and demons with glowing red eyes hang out in a mausoleum. Can Maureen Hancock confirm that our legendary cemetery is in fact one of the seven gates to hell?

If she visited Forest Park, would she be at risk of becoming possessed, as some of our locals have claimed to be?

And speaking of Troy, can Maureen Hancock send a message to Uncle Sam and ask if he can appoint me as Uncle Dan?

The New York State Capital Building

An angry painter, a night watchman who is still on the job, a fruit vendor that wanted a day off apparently and a face in the staircase. Will Maureen Hancock tell William Morris Hunter that his paintings are appreciated and that he can stop hanging out in the Capital building?

Can she tell Samuel Abbot that it is time to clock out and go home? Was the fruit guy pushed or did he jump?

Is the face in the staircase a prank or is there really something from another realm watching us?

From a staircase...inside a building...I don't think the staircase demon thought this one out.

The Homestead Asylum

This one is super creepy. It would be more creepy if some jerk kids did not go to the little cemetery on the grounds and paint names of famous rockstars on all of the headstones.

Abraham Lincoln  

I think that it is cool and all that he keeps visiting, but he is from Illinois. I think Maureen should remind him of that.

Don't let me have all the fun...

Tell Q103 about your Capital Region ghost stories, like that little coffee shop that is haunted by some dude and his dog.

Or that poor Native American girl stuck in the waterfall, she has been calling for help, for years, why hasn't anyone helped her yet?

For the record, Albany Rural Cemetery is not haunted. It is however the burial place of the 21st President of the United States of America, Chester A. Arthur.

Maureen Hancock will be here Friday, May 15, maybe she will have a message for you from a loved one you have lost, or will the spirits of the Capital Region have a message for her?



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