This past friday, Q103 spent the morning at Sport Island Pub, which is located directly on Sacandaga Lake. It was a perfect day filled with good weather, a ton of people, delicious food and drinks and of course awesome music. It was a great time and a great day to kick off the 4th of July holiday weekend.

The breakfast club party started at 8 am and went to all hours of the following morning, but Q103 was there solely from 8 am to 12 pm. That was long enough to see how campers, boaters and hookie-players party during the holiday weekend. Q-Tease Nikki and I couldn't believe they started drinking that early in the morning, but they had a blast so all the power to them!

Around 7:45 am, a bunch of boats came in to the dock and groups of people gathered and waited to


 pay their 10 dollars to fill up with yummy pastries, french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries and of course beer and other drinks. There weren't too many people at first, but as the day went on more and more showed up, and we were told that over 350 people attended.

Nikki and I had a blast as well. We went on the bouncy bounce, ate, mingled, took pictures on boats as well as on land and just made sure everyone was having a good time. We watched the talented wake boarders as well, which was a real treat. We both enjoyed the Pub, which included a bar with surrounding booths and kitchen, a spacey upstairs area for banquets, or in this case extra tables for people to sit and eat which led out to a deck that looked down to a lower deck with more tables. It was a big Pub and was the ultimate setting for the weekend celebration. Q103 was set up just outside of the pub, under a tent, as they broadcasted live for two hours.


Aside from music from Q103, live quartet, unisex band Skyler's Dream Team performed from 8 am to 12 pm. Made up of three men and a woman, the band played mostly covers and rocked while doing it. The music wasn't my favorite style but they were awesome and the party-goers responded positively to them. Songs performed include "There's a Bathroom on the Right," "Lovin' is what I Got," "I've Seen Better Days," "Celebrate Good Times," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Best Days of my Life."

There was also a dance off that took place in the Pub. A lot of people participated, and as they


 consumed more, um, yummy drinks, the rowdier they got. They drank, sang, danced and had fun. There was a small wooden box in front of the band, which we found out was called "The Naked Box," and for good reason. One to three people would be on it at once, dancing and such, sometimes an individual would strip down to a bathing suit and strut their stuff. It was all in good fun though and no one took it the wrong way. The majority of the guests were in their 30s and 40s, but they seemed to party harder than teenagers and younger adults, the difference being they know their limits and when to stop.

I hope all of your holiday weekends were enjoyable and full of family, friends, food and fun. It's not over yet though, as there are still fireworks to be seen tonight. More information about when and where can be read here.

What did you do this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July?

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