This weekend myself, Scott, Amanda and Bobbi hit the mall to help the Make-A-Wish people and their 2010 Adopt an Angel program.


Saturday I got to do something that I look forward to every year during the holidays: helping the Adopt an Angel program.  Most years I would hit the mall up by  myself and work the booth but this year I was accompanied by fellow Q jock Scotty and two of our Q103 Q-Tease, Amanda and Bobbi.

It is always a bright spot for me because around this time people are all about giving and boy did they today.  We sold a ton of angels which in turn raises tons of money for the charity.  In fact most most people told me to keep the change and donate that too, and I'm not talking about pocket change.  The angels are $3 and some people would hand over 10's and 20's and not even think twice about it.  One guy bought a whole stack, which ended up being about $30.  You can't help but feel good when you do a good thing.  If you haven't adopted an angel yet this year make sure you hit up one of the locations and get to it! After all Christmas is the time for giving.Q103 will also be at the Make-A-Wish booth in Crossgates on December 23rd. Have a great Holiday everyone.