If you’ve never seen Radiohead perform, you should check this out! It funny, through all the years, I’ve never seen any performance of Radiohead. To be honest, until a few years ago I never really got Radiohead (aside from the hit ‘Creep’ which I think most all of us love or have some appreciation for).  But recently I have acquired a taste for Thom Yorke and his crew.

I had no idea what to expect when I heard they were going to be on SNL this past weekend. I certainly didn’t think I would see some sort of bizarre seizure like dancing. I figured Tom Yorke would be more statuesque. So I was a little shocked to see this strange energy coming from the frontman. It was a little left of center, but still cool. At times it looked like a youngster doing the ‘pee pee dance’. At other times it felt just right. I think seeing it the first time it’s very unique, but if I saw Radiohead numerous times I would think it seemed kind of forced, unless of course he’s under the influence of something. In that case it’s just like witnessing someone at a rave.

Either way, I’m glad I tuned it as I saw something else unique. If you watch the performance of Lotus Flower (which I must admit has been in my head since I heard it) you’ll notice Thom running his own delay and effects on foot pedals. Now, that’s a cool idea!

Later they performed 'Staircase'

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