I hate it when they reboot classic movies from the 1980's and 1990's but it makes sense to reboot Columbus Day because I think America has reached a point where we are well aware of the fact that Columbus did not discover America.

Living Room Art Installation Stands 6 Stories High In Manhattan's Columbus Circle
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A lot of Americans are pushing for Indigenous People Day, others celebrate Leif Erikson Day, Columbus Day has been a holiday for so long that Americas are just used to having the day as a designated holiday.  With that in mind, I feel that we should keep the day as a designated holiday but change the theme, I don't think that Christopher Columbus will mind because he has been dead for a really long time.

Although I am a big fan of Indigenous People I don't think that we should reboot the holiday to Indigenous People Day because I think it would be better if we stopped reminding them of the time that the Europeans sailed across the ocean and claimed the land that they were living on.

I don't like Leif Erikson because he was a Viking and I am a Lions fan.

After careful consideration and many rejected ideas, I would like to suggest that we reboot today's holiday and make it Christina Ricci Day!



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