The Capital Region seems to love the Red Lobster on Wolf road.  If you are going there, expect a long wait both to sit down and eat, and find a parking spot.


Like most of the people here in the Albany area I enjoy some seafood.  Red Lobster, while a chain restaurant, has something that most places don't have.  Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  Those biscuits are like crack trust me.  I have been there when they are so busy you have to wait, but the wait is well worth it since they come out nice and hot.

Obviously I am not the only who feels this way since there never seems to be a time to go to that particular area when it's not busy.  Both Olive Garden and Red Lobster are right next to each other and share parking lots.  A few months ago I tried to go the Olive Garden to use a gift card and I couldn't find parking let alone see how crowded the inside was and that was at three in the afternoon!  The question is, will there ever be down time at one of these places?

The answer seems to be no.  One of my girlfriend's friends works at Red Lobster part time and tells me that she needs to leave extra early to get there just so she can find parking.  So you mean to tell me on top of all the people trying to find parking to eat, they then share the parking lot with the employees?  And if the employees can't find parking, what do they do? It seems insane.  There is a hotel next to the place with giant empty parking lot with signs all over saying that if you park here and aren't staying at the hotel you will be towed.  A chance I am not willing to take.

So why don't they just expand?  The issue is ridiculous.  When I was there on Saturday night there wasn't even a handicap spot available.  It's not like these restaurants are new to the area, they have been here for as long as I can remember.  I think they need to expand to accommodate the customers and employees.  I have seen people have to leave because there isn't a spot and even seen people circle the parking lot for 20 minutes stalking people as they leave.

Please Capital Region Red Lobster and Olive Garden, lets work together and create better parking for everyone.

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