I kind of just chalked up the high gas prices to the fact that prices for everything just seem to keep going up but it looks like some relief is on the horizon...

Over the years you have kind of come to expect gas prices to rise during the summer months. Especially here in the Capital Region and the North East in general because lets be honest once the cold and snow stops everyone is trying to get out of the house and do as much as the can while they can.

Well, according to WNYT this year gas was averaging at 48 cents more per gallon this year on Labor Day than last year. Which is quite a significant increase. Sure when you talk in cents it doesn't seem like much but that change adds up while you fill up at the pump.

Well, it appears that some relief is on the way as gas prices are expected to drop somewhere in the vicinity of 14 cents over the next few months. Which is just in time to get those last minute road trips in before winter hits and the snow starts falling.

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