I've been lucky enough to have seen Van Halen live with both Dave and Sammy. I love both versions of the band. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them on their first tour as the opening band for Black Sabbath. It must have been an epic show. Well, now we have a better idea of just how epic it was.

Newly found and restored 8mm video has surfaced on YouTube and it's amazing. It's from their 1978 performance at Sellend Arena in Fresno, California. It's not their entire set, but it's a good 25 minutes and includes an extended version of "Eruption" that has a very Jimi Hendrix like ending. You can tell the guys are having a great time....and they actually still like each other.....imagine that. It's moments like these that I wish I had a time machine.

Check out the restored video....Eddie's amazing guitar solo starts about 14 minutes in.