I know, the Rats aren’t here anymore, but moving to North Carolina didn’t let them forget an ill child who was one of their biggest fans. This really is a great story.


11 year old Zach Bennett has neurofibromatosis (a degenerative disease). He also loves the River Rats. Turns out that the Rats new home Charlotte NC, also has many specialists for Zach’s disease. When the Bennett family found that out they were destined to move too. But hey, we all know that times are tough and the housing market certainly hasn’t been making any big comebacks. So although they badly wanted to move to Charlotte, it just wasn’t possible. Well, until the Charlotte Checkers (formerly the River Rats) found out. In January they started having fundraisers for the Bennett family and by the end of March, they raised enough money to buy a 3 bedroom house for Zach’s family. Wow, can you believe that? I told you this was a great story. Click here to read more from the Charlotte Observer.

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