Shock rocker, Film writer, Film Director - What can't you say that Rob Zombie has done in his 30 plus year career. Starting with White Zombie, then going solo to directing feature films - Rob is always looking for new projects to work on.

On Saturday, July 20th Rob did only one press interview and it was with me. We covered a variety of topics from Mayhem Fest, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, Lords of Salem, and his new projects on the horizon.

Wes: When it comes to putting the production for the tour together, what's the thought process for you?

Rob: It's an endless sorta thing. I'm always working on it. It starts early. I start building some of the  props because the lead time to get them going is so long. Then as it gets closer we start refining what songs we'll play then that starts finding the video to go with that. It's sort of a evolving thing.

For good or for bad sometimes it drives me crazy, it's almost like you're putting on a Broad Way show - there's (so many) things rolling on, rolling off, moving around. It's chaos backstage but you try to hide that from the audience.

My thought process was for every song to have something special that takes place.

I want it to unfold like a drama.

Wes: Do you start out with sketches?

Rob: I'll sketch out what I want or certain ideas then try to figure out what's feasible. Mostly its what's feasible because sometimes even though the venues seem big, sometimes they're not. Stuff sits in the truck. It's an endless process.

Wes: Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor started out as a concept record but didn't finish that way

Rob: It kind of finished that way too. I had an idea in mind for the whole thing, I just didn't tell anybody. I figured there was no need.

I came up with a story line in my mind that I wanted everything to connect through.

Wes: So there's still a possiblty of that story being told?

Rob: I don't know. It's unrealistic for me to ever want to revisit something because it's usually about what's next rather than going back.

Wes: I was reading the other day you were going do a first-ever live DVD for yourself. Is that something you've been working for some time?

Rob: It's always seemed like a huge nuisance truthfully. We had a live record and that a million years to do. And a live DVD to me always seems like a nuisance because after the show is done, I don't care. I don't want to relive it.

I figured once we should film it.

We've had so many big crazy stage shows over the last many, many years. We never filmed anything for White Zombie back then.

We haven't done it yet but we're going to do it when we get to Texas but who knows I may change my mind at the last second.

Wes: Moving on to your films, you have Broadstreet Bullies coming up?

Rob: That's in the early stages of casting and putting the financing together.

(It's) the true life story of the Philadelphia Flyers in 1974 winning the Stanley Cup. Which sounds like a boring story if you don't like hockey but it's a crazy story. Definitely a movie for non-sports fans as well.

Rob's latest film release, The Lords of Salem, will be hitting DVD in September and his new album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor is out now with the current single "We're An American Band."

Check out the full 10 minute interview below.






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