On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played audio from the Robert Downey Jr. interview, where Robert Downey Jr. walks out on a reporter attempting to dig into the actor's troubled past. 


Good for Robert Downey Jr. because this silly British muckraker had it coming, I don't feel that this is just a victory for Robert Downey Jr. but a victory for America!

Sure the muckraker was just trying to ask the 'hard' questions, but Robert Downey Jr. was there to promote the new Avengers movie, not to talk about how he was a drug addict or how he served time in jail.

How I feel this is a victory for America is because; most people, including Americans perceive British media as a more sophisticated or credible source of media. All American media is belittled by foreign media because of some snooty, elitist notion that anything European is of a greater quality then anything American.

Robert Downey Jr. put this elitist British journalist in his place with like a boss, like an American Boss!

You want to know something about Robert Downey Jr.? watch Chaplin.

It's a great movie, with great performances telling a epic story and a young Milla Jovovich completely naked for a good five minutes.