We all get these calls. Or even just unwanted telemarketing calls. Maybe not for much longer.

Hopefully, you aren't like me and get these types of calls nonstop. It's to the point, I don't even answer the phone if I don't know the number. My thought is, if it is anything I desperately need to know, they will leave a voice mail. I would assume you probably get these robocalls too.

A new proposed law would make this a criminal act. The measure could be put in place by both the state of New York and phone companies to make calls like these a thing of the past. Hallelujah! What is being proposed has one caveat though, they can indeed call if you give permission.

I have always heard never to use the word "yes" even in a sentence with telemarketers. So as long as you do that should this law go into effect, you should be safe.

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