In my book, this guy might be the coolest guy to come out of the Capital Region.

As a local radio station personality, I'm often told by the powers that be "find people from the area who became famous and write about them," and I'm always like "it's just Maria Brink." Research has once again proven me wrong.

A buddy of mine has been really into DC's New 52, especially Batman, which requires no explanation. Batman's art is currently being done by a man named Greg Capullo, and Greg's from Schenectady.

I could stop right there, local guy is the guy who does Batman, but his bad-assery doesn't end there. Greg also worked on the comic Spawn, a favorite of mine. He doesn't just do comic books either, Greg has done the album art for KoRn's Follow The Leader, Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists and Five Finger Death Punch's Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, both volumes one and two plus the single for Lift Me Up.

Greg got his start with his own book Gore Shriek right at FantaCo which used to be on Central right where it meets up with Washington Avenue in downtown Albany.