Earlier today (Nov. 18), AC/DC legend Malcolm Young passed away at the age of 64. He had stepped down from the band in 2014, suffering from dementia, and it was later revealed that he had also previous had a stroke and was fitted with a pacemaker. Malcolm, along with his brother Angus, formed the buzzing twin guitar attack in the band, with Malcolm handling the rhythm in such an ironclad way that he'd gone on to inspire countless other rock and metal axemen.

As the news of his passing has spread, the music community has begun to react to the death of yet another rock legend. Megadeth's Dave Mustaine had stated in the past that he considered Malcolm to be one of the four greatest rhythm guitarists of all time while Anthrax's Scott Ian had told Loudwire he considered the AC/DC icon to be the "greatest" rhythm guitar player ever.

See what the rock world has had to say about the loss of Malcolm Young below.

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