This is not only a great way to help the fight against bullying but this teacher may have cut decision making completely out of their morning routine.

Faith Perry, 39, is a teacher for Mohonasen High School in Schenectady County and has made a plan to wear the same outfit to school for the rest of the year. The idea to rock this Matlock like wardrobe came to her after one of her less fortunate students was mocked by class mates for wearing the same pants two days in a row. Perry decided to take a stand against this kind of bullying she would wear the same outfit of her own ever day.

The part about this story that confuses me is the students who made fun of someone for wearing the same pants two days in a row. Really two days, that’s it? I can understand if you had just went to GWAR concert the night before and someone showed up the next day in the same shirt soaked in fake seaman, stage blood and sweat from fat chicks. Yes, that situation is pretty nasty. But the same pant two days in a row is nothing! I think I’ve rocked the same pair of jeans like 14 days in a row once. Shirts get stinky and stiff, but pants only get better with age. The routine is come home, throw pants on ground, go to sleep, wake up and find pants on pile of clothes on ground and repeat the day. I commend this teacher for sticking up for her students but maybe it’s time to teach these children on how to be adults and know the difference between dirty clothes and funky clothes. In the words of the great prophet Sinbad, “you can wear dirty again, but funky, ooOOo wee”!

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