Little is known about the rotting meat that was found on Aviation Road near the mall in Queensbury last Thursday (July 10) but is sure is stinking up cars whose drivers decided to drive through it. 

While no one has come forward claiming responsibility for the piles and piles of, what appears to be chicken fat, motorists were hitting the car wash in droves.

Hoffman Car Wash on Quaker Road in Queensbury, said that around 35 people stopped by to get their cars washed and because of the decomposing meat, "guys had to step out for a while" said manager Matt Phillips.

Phillips also said "After a while it will decay. But until then, when you turn the air (conditioning) on or air comes through the vents, watch out."

According to the PostStar, minus a criminal complaint or environmental issue, State police are not investigating where the meat came from.

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