Rush's status as an indomitable live act is common knowledge among rock fans, and they can witness the power trio at the peak of its powers in newly restored concert footage from 1976's 2112 tour.

You can see the footage, captured on June 18, 1976, at Ontario's Oshawa Civic Auditorium, below.

The video comes courtesy of Speedy's Films, the YouTube channel paying tribute to late photographer and videographer Jim "Speedy" Kelly. Previous concert restorations include Pink Floyd in 1975, Alice Cooper in 1973 and Van Halen in 1978.

"With painstaking attention to detail, we have meticulously restored and transferred this concert footage from the original 8mm reels, bringing you an immersive visual and audio experience like never before," reads the video description.

Indeed, Rush sounds positively monstrous in the eight-minute video, which comprises snippets of various songs. (Because Super 8 film cartridges could hold about only three minutes of footage apiece, the entire show wasn't recorded.) Geddy Lee delivers his skyscraping vocals with effortless aplomb, as Alex Lifeson rips blistering guitar solos and Neil Peart throws down thunderous grooves while still making room for some flashy drumstick twirls.

The 2112 album and tour were pivotal for Rush, whose career seemed dead in the water after their underperforming third album, 1975's Caress of Steel. Instead, the trio released 2112 in March 1976 to critical acclaim and commercial success. It peaked at No. 5 in the band's native Canada and No. 61 on the Billboard 200, granting Rush their U.S. breakthrough.

"I think it's one of the most important pieces of work that we've done," Lifeson told Rolling Stone in 2016. "I think the influence that it had on a lot of listeners, just judging from the comments I read in the mail and even comments from other bands that have been influenced by us, that's really a signature record for all of them. And that's a wonderful thing."

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