Very rarely do I laugh out loud when I’m sitting alone, but this video of Santa Monica student jack holes getting pepper sprayed tickles me to no end.

No everyone likes to see people get hurt. I don’t generally enjoy it, how ever when it happens to asshole college kids I love it. I pretty much have always hated punk college kids. It’s true, I hated my self between the ages of 18 & 22. The day I graduated was the day I could go back to loving my self again.

When college kids get battered at a protest they most likely are just asking for it. Why is it the second you move into a dorm and start eating food from a swipe card you suddenly think you know all the answers? Protesting isn’t cool, it’s just something morons do to fit in with the other smell dread-lock wearing morons. If you knew all the answers and were really truly smart then you wouldn’t be paying some on 20 grand to teach. Why not skip college and occupy a abandon building like the rest of the geniuses.

And besides, if you think this pepper spraying is out of line then maybe the ignorance and childish irrational way these students are protesting in a board meeting might help you side with the administration and police.

Before The Pepper Spray:

After The Pepper Spray: