After getting two feet or more of snow dumped on the Capital Region I was impressed how quickly the road crews had it under control. Tons of plows out early, pre-treatment of the streets and an army of city, county and state workers ready to take on whatever Mother Nature was going to throw at them...well almost everyone. Schenectady seemed to be taken by surprise by this storm and hasn't really recovered.

There have been a lot of complaints about streets, sidewalks and parking lots that still aren't cleared in Schenectady. Citizens want answers why the city seemed ill-prepared for the snow, but for now they'd just like to get it off the roads.

That's where the men and women in uniform of The New York National Guard have stepped up to help. You might see a sergeant in uniform running a snowblower or a private shoveling a sidewalk and don't be surprised if you see a military truck rumbling through town hauling snow away.

I have a good friend of mine that served in the National Guard and this is the kind of stuff they do best. Help out their local communities in times of need and disaster.

So, when you see someone from the National Guard or Air Guard helping clear snow give them a thumbs up, shake their hand and tell them thanks for their service...and thanks for being there to help dig out Schenectady.

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