Like we need science to prove this one to us?!?!

Rolf Brenner/ThinkStock
Rolf Brenner/ThinkStock

Tell me something I don't already know researchers? Look, I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy more than my fair share of live music and I can tell you first hand one the best (and my personal favorite) ways to de-stress is to hit up a show.

You get to interact with like minded individuals or just rock out to yourself.  You feel the music and depending on what kind it can be therapeutic in multiple ways. Get in a mosh pit and get out some aggression, jump around with friends, dance slow with someone you're feeling on. Usually after a show I'm on such an endorphin high there's no bringing me down! I definitely don't need a group of researches to prove to me that live music is a tremendous stress reducer.

In case you need some convincing scientists have conducted a study where they took saliva samples from 117 volunteers at two difference concerts. According to TEAMROCK They discovered lower levels of glucocorticoids, progesterone and cortisol – all related to human stress – in the samples taken after the shows.

Apparently the study subjects were attending a "relatively calm classical performance" and researchers say that more studies will need to be done to see if other genres of music are as effective but I'm going to take a completely uneducated guess here and say that results will be conclusive.

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Read the full study HERE.

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