Who says a total hottie can't come out of the Albany area?  Laura LaFrate from Scotia, New York came very close to being named 'Top Model', but came up short.

If we had it our way, we would have named Laura LaFrate 'America's Next Top Model'.  Unfortunately we don't have much say when it comes to reality television.  She became the runner up in the TV model competition.  The show threw British Models into the mix this time, and a Brit ended up winning.

Sophie Sumner was the winner.  We'll be honest though, we didn't tune in all that often.  If Laura wasn't there, we lost interest.  We were on the edge of our seats as Tyra Banks got set to announce the winner.  As much as we wanted to hear 'Laura', it didn't happen.  No disrespect to Sophie, but we like our hometown girls.

Though Laura didn't win, she will no doubt have a bright future in the industry.  Just check out her Cover Girl shoot for proof that she has what it takes to go far.  You're a winner in our eyes Laura!

As you can see the love isn't just one way. Turns out Laura loves us too!