At 1:23 into this video you will see the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to hop on the stage and steal a drink and the set list, as Sebastian Bach was performing "American Metalhead" in Seattle.


Sebastian Bach scored some major respect points for how he handled the situation, the security guard and the idoit not so much.

I don't understand fans that can't help but jump onstage during a performance, the only thing those types of fans accomplish is that they piss everyone off, and in this case someone got hurt.

I know that when you go to a show you're supposed to have a good time, cut loose and go crazy, because it's your favorite act, but what some people need to be reminded that they are not the only fan in the audience.

Just imagine the thought process that must of run through this guys head before he took to action. " This is awesome, I should go up there and take one of their drinks, because I am cool and I don't give a f### and everyone here is going to see me do it and think I am crazy, then I am going to steal their set list so I can remember how cool I am."

Don't be that fan!

People paid to see the performers on the stage, not you!

As for the security guard... he needs to work on his aim.