WWE Champion and my new best friend CM Punk was pushed too far on Monday night raw by the fans.

I saw this event take place live on TV, but the camera was pulled way back. You can clearly see people shoving and pushing Punk as he stood in the aisle. From this cell phone video it absolutely looks like someone deserved to get punched, but I’m not certain Punk hit the right guy. However, that man had no business standing so close to CM Punk and paid the price for it.

One of the scariest things a professional wrestler can experience is when the fans cross the line of being “spectators” to become “participants.” As a performer in the ring you have no idea what a fan might do if they hop the guard rail or lay their hands on you. Did CM Punk punch the wrong guy? Maybe, but he protected him self in a way I think any human would and more so acted like an amazing professional and continued on with the show.

If you ever attend a wrestling event in the future of any level, please separate the show from reality and keep your hands to your self. Treat it like a “spook house,” in that they wont touch you if you don’t touch them.

Remember when CM Punk And I Became Best Friends?

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