One office's garage is another bands stage.

Tuesday night, The Used Every Time I Die, Marmozets and the Eeries will be playing at the Upstate Concert Hall on Tuesday, April 28th.

This marks the Marmozets first time in the states, and before they play for us all plugged in, they're gonna come in to do an acoustic Garage Session with us. I'm telling you this is my favorite way to see a band, right up close and personal. So close that you'll be able to ask the band some questions right to their faces.

Garage Sessions are intimate and exclusive, so if you'd like get in on the action Tuesday afternoon, make sure you sign up this weekend! Check out the Marmozet's below with their video for 'Why Do You Hate Me?'. If you wanna see what a Garage Session is all about, check out our last session with The Temperance Movement.