Maynard James Keenan

Maybe if Tool sees this, they'll do a show in Albany.



I can't be a legend yet. I'm not dead.

I'm not dead either, but I like to think of myself as legendary.

I have the distinction of being called a media whore by Courtney Love.

The irony is so rampant, that I can't think of anything else to say.

After all, in today's music scene every band seems to steal from other bands.

Seriously. Just ask Vanilla Ice.

I think the biggest problem working with me would be that I'm an only child, and so I have an internal dialogue that goes on that I just assume you can hear.

Sounds like something my boyfriend would say to get away with being an idiot.

I think everything Joni Mitchell did for music was big.


It's a purging of sorts. Like, when you're all done doing your laundry and it's fresh and bright, but washing the clothes, you wouldn't want to get in while it's spinning around.

That's great, but you should probably know that I hate doing laundry.

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