I am so excited to give another congratulations to the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) Colonie office for winning this week's Work Day Distraction!  The Eastern Division office, located in Colonie, got crashed by me with a ton of prizes, including Shindown and Godsmack tickets!  While I didn't personally pick the winner this week, this work day distraction was particularly exciting for me.  I grew up a ski racer and living on ski slopes.  My mother was a ski instructor and PSIA member years ago, and I myself learned to ski before I could walk.  Really- it's true!  I can't remember a time as a child where there wasn't a PSIA manual lying around the house.  I am more comfortable flying down the hill at 75 mph than walking on two feet.  And while the ski world may seem fun or glamorous, it isn't always that way when a ski instructor has to be on the hill all day in frigid New York temperatures, or is getting yelled at by a client who doesn't want to participate in their lesson.  As ski season is winding down, I was so glad to have a change to crash this work day!!

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