Not only does he want it, but he wants to own the show and is trying to sell it. With all these other ‘talent search’ shows, why not? The New York Post reports that Snoop has been pitching the show and is 0 for 3, but MTV and E! may have some interest. Snoop would be one of three judges in this ‘wrap off’ show and says that he wants Jay Z to be one of the other 2. What I want to know is, will he be smoking doobies while contestants perform? Really, I hear this guy can’t get thru a show without burning a few blunts on stage. I don’t know, but a listener told me he was smoking on stage at his Northern Lights show a couple weeks back. You know what? The more I think about this, it’s perfect for MTV, as this is probably some sort of ‘reality’ as far as they’re concerned. God do I hate MTV. What happened? I used to love my MTV. You know, I think part of me want to see this show happen just so I can get a laugh or two, and then I will hope it goes away as quickly as it comes. Oh what do I care, I don’t watch MTV anymore anyway.